How Can I Help?

Wish List Donation Drives

Meriden-Wallingford Chrysalis operates on an extremely tight budget that’s been significantly affected by the recession, federally, statewide, and locally.  Items that support those who leave everything behind in search of safety are regularly needed.  When folks flee, they don’t think to (or don’t have the means to) pack sheets, towels, shampoo, alarm clocks, umbrellas, diapers, and so on.  What you give us goes to those we serve, both for their stays at the SafeHouse, and in their next homes. Download our wish list here.

Facility Repair/Maintenance/Clean-Up   Days of Caring

We own two beautiful 1800’s homes that our clients can live at for 60-90 days, or for up to 2 years.  They receive a lot of traffic and harsh treatment by a constant flow of 15 adults and children at a time in each home.  We are constantly in need of help for clean-up/dumpster days, painting rooms, yardwork, and higher level house maintenance in teams with our volunteer handyman, and so on.

Volunteering with our Clients

We provide staffing 24 hours per day, including weekends, holidays and overnights.  However, most of our shifts are staffed by one person who is meeting the needs of up to 43 residential clients (SafeHouse, Transitional Housing and Community Apartments) simultaneously.  You can help by committing an afternoon a week to drive clients wherever they need to go (doctor’s appointments, job interviews, mental health counseling).  You can make the grocery store run for the SafeHouse for the week, complete with voucher, coupons and client accompaniment.  Can you support a client in moving in or moving out?  Can you offer babysitting an afternoon a week so moms can take a couple hours to breathe, have adult conversation, or even get a haircut?  Those we serve very often need incredibly concrete support to meet the needs they used to have met through their abusive partner.  You can help them bring this period of time from dependence to independence through tangible support.

Volunteering to Be a Mentor

The goal of Real Strength is to identify the risk factors that contribute to violence against women, and to change them. This project is looking for mentors interested in learning about the project model and helping to shape our next generation of men!

For more information about how you can help please email